The adventures of an Adventure rider. Well, an adventure rider without an Adventure. Currently in-between bikes but hoping that will change soon!!! Watch this space!!!


I’m a biker currently in-between bikes! Longing after a BMW R1200GS Adventure, but first I need somewhere to put it. Nothing else for it. I need to sell the house!
I’ve been riding on and off for 20 years and looking to get back into the saddle. This site will track the process of achieving that and then (if all goes well) the adventures to follow.


Decision made

Well, we’re a couple of months on and we’ve not yet moved. We’ve sold (twice), but not moved; though I have brought a bike – well put a deposit down anyway!!! I’ve decided not to go with the brand new R1200GS Adventure – I just couldn’t justify the price, so instead I’ve gone proper old …