Decision made

Well, we’re a couple of months on and we’ve not yet moved. We’ve sold (twice), but not moved; though I have brought a bike – well put a deposit down anyway!!!

I’ve decided not to go with the brand new R1200GS Adventure – I just couldn’t justify the price, so instead I’ve gone proper old school and opted for the R1150GS Adventure.

The one I’ve brought is a red and silver 2005 model with 46,000 miles. Comes with original BMW aluminium panniers, heated grips but without the troublesome ABS.

It’s currently still in Leads as I’ve nowhere to put it and the seller has agreed to hold on to it for a month or so until I’m ready.

In honesty, the R1150GS Adventure was the original reason I wanted an adventure bike. I, like many many others, got hooked on Long Way Round. The idea of getting on your bike and riding to these places you normally sit on a plane for half a day or more to reach. Riding to the European mainland is great, but it’s still the same as being back in the UK – the language may be different, but it’s still a western culture. Riding to a country that is so different makes the journey feel so much more.

So all being well, the move should be done by the end of August and the bike will be in the new garage!

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