And it’s done!

After move from hell we’re finally in. It’s taken us over 9 months from first seeing the house to getting through the door. But I now have a garage.

We moved in on the Monday, and by Saturday afternoon a BMW R1150GS Adventure was sat in the garage and I was looking chuffed.

I won’t bore you with the intricacies of the move, but let me bore you with the intricacies of the bike purchase.

I’d joined the UKGSER forum ( and found an advert for a 2003 GSA with 47K miles and a healthy service book. First registered in Cardiff, the bike was actually imported as new from BMW, as the dealer had recently lost their BMW franchise (apparently a lot had in 2002 when BMW restructured the business). The seller wasn’t sure if it was an original UK bike, or an import as he wasn’t the first owner, so I called the dealer and they confirmed it had come via ‘Herman the German’; their contact on Cologne.

Still happy with the history, I explained my position (about to move and nowhere to store the bike) and he was happy to hold onto it until we’d completed – we had exchanged by this point so I wasn’t worried about another bike purchase falling through due to the purchase of the house taking so long.

Exchange date set, I arranged to get the bike on the weekend after we moved in – nothing like getting your priorities right! Only downside was the bike was in Gloucester – 200 miles away.

A plan took form. Hire car from home to Gloucester, then picked up by the seller and taken to the bank to get the money – he didn’t want a cheque, bankers draft or for me to arrive with the cash – he wanted to watch me withdraw it from the bank! Back to his house to look over the bike. 2 hours later, he was very, very thorough going through the service file and as the dark clouds started to role in, I headed for home.

It’s a big bastard, taller than the 1200GSA which I’d test ridden so it was a little daunting at first, but became very quick to get used to. Before I know it I was on the M5 and then the heavens opened and did so for the next 190 miles. I’d not ridden in 5 years, but here I was filtering through slow traffic on the M6 on a bike as wide as a small country, but it was just like riding a bike! – Pun intended.

It took me about 4 hours to get home, though thankfully my new kit and the bike performed flawlessly. I had a 1150GS Adventure! I was Charlie Boorman, and I could take on a round-the-world trip in the morning if I so wanted!

At home following an interesting ride home.

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